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Garage Sale Application


ATV/UTV/Golf Cart Permit Application


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Budget Billing
Budget billing is available through the City of Marceline.  You have had to live in the same location for 12 months or longer.  The contract will need to be turned in before you can sign up.  The contract will need to be signed off on every 12 months unless you wish to discontinue.  Remember, budget billing does not lower your utility bill.  It does provide a method to better budget your utility expenses. 


Yard & Garge Sale Permits

A garage sale permit application needs to be filled out, copied and approved at Marceline City Hall.  Citizens are allowed up to four (4) garage sales within a year.  Each garage sale permit is good for only three (3) days. Permit needs to be posted on the premises during the time of sale visible to the public.  City garage sales do not apply for obtaining a permit.


ATV/UTV/Golf Cart Permits

You may obtain this license by filling out the application and returning it to City Hall. Customers will need to bring in a valid driver’s license for each person driving the vehicle and proof of insurance.  There is a $15.00 fee that needs to be paid when the application is turned in. Application will be sealed with the Marceline City label and returned to the customer. Customers will need to keep the sealed application on them when driving the vehicle. Rules and Requirements are referred back to Section 340.115 and Section 340.117 in the City of Marceline Ordinances.

Business Licenses

To obtain a City Occupational License customer must submit an application to City Hall. Any individual, corporation, partnership, or other entity who deals with selling any goods, wares, or merchandise, at wholesale or retail in the City of Marceline will need to get a license.  This is an annual license that needs to be renewed as of January 1st and due on the 31st to avoid penalties for renewals.  Occupational Licenses are prorated throughout the year. Rates will depend on the type of Occupation/Business applied for.  Licenses are not transferable.

Location Hours Contact

116 N. Main Street USA

Marceline, MO 64658

Monday - Friday

8 am - 5 pm

Phone:  (660) 376-3528

Fax:  (660) 376-3898


LIHEAP Utility Assistance

If you are having difficulty paying your City Utility Bill, you may be eligible for assistance at the following link:




Click HERE for Building and Demolition Permits


Electric / Water / Sewer Connections


To obtain utilities (electric, water, sewer, and garbage) an application will have to be completed and turned in at City Hall with a valid ID.  There is a $250.00 deposit (Water $100 / Electric $150) unless it is a transfer within the city limits.  Utilities services can only be initiated or discontinued by owners of the property, or renters with a valid lease agreement.  Proof of property ownership, or a valid lease agreement should be presented at the time of application.  All monies owed to the City must be paid before utilities will be turned on.  Application and deposit must be turned in before 3:00 p.m. that day.  Anything application after 3:00 pm will be addressed on the next business day. Utility bills are sent out the last couple days of the month, and should be received around the first of the month.  Bills are due on the 20th unless it lands on a non-working holiday or a weekend than it will be due that following Monday.  Bills are considered late with a penalty after the due date.  Shut off day is approximately the 27th or 28th of the month depending on weekends and holidays.



Marceline Utility Rates (per month)

as of July 1, 2021

Water  (inside City Limits)


First 1,000 gal - $26.56

All over 1,000 gal - $12.50 per thousand


Flat sewer charge - $18.17

Volume fee per 1,000 gallons - $7.79

Water (outside City Limits)

Garbage w/ Recycling

First 1,000 gal - $29.93

All over 1,000 gal - $14.45 per thousand


$12.00 - All Residential Utility Customers

Electric – Residential

Electric – Commercial

Base Rate - $11.40 month

First 500 kWh – $0.162

Next 1,000 kWh -  $0.107

All over 1,500 – kWh - $0.03


Base Rate – 17.10 month

First 1,000 kWh –$0.175

Next 2,000 kWh- $0.115

All over 3,000 kWh - $0.085

Electric – Industrial

Security Light Rental

Base Rate - $40.00 month

Demand Charge - $13.15 kW

Energy Charge - $0.0715 kWh


Primary Metering

Demand Charge - $12.230 kW

Energy Charge - $0.07007 kWh


175 Watt / 50 Watt (LED) $10.50 month

250 Watt / 55 Watt (LED) $12.75 month

400 Watt / 72 Watt (LED) $15.50 month