Strategic Plan

- Strategic Plan (Full Document)

- Ordinance #15-03.06


Mission Statement

The City of Marceline is committed to promoting the highest quality of life for all residents and visitors by providing fiscally-sound, friendly, and transparent customer service.


Vision Statement

The City of Marceline Missouri is a family-friendly hometown community with a well-balanced economic base of agriculture, industry and tourism, strengthened by talent, creativity and imagination.   It is a community that honors its history, taking great pride in being the boyhood home of Walt Disney.  Marceline is extremely proud of its high-quality education and a rich natural environment that embraces a wholesome country lifestyle.    It provides residents, workers, and visitors a friendly, welcoming sense of place – a place to call home.



Community Planning for a United Vision


The Marceline Strategic Plan defines where our Community is going, how we are going to get there and measures success over time.  It ensures the most effective use of the City’s limited resources by focusing those resources on key priorities.


Visioning and (Strategic) Community Planning sessions have been held in many other communities and has proven highly successful in how those communities plan for the future.  How involved residents become in sharing their concern for Marceline’s future, and how supportive they are of local efforts will ultimately shape the future of the City in terms of what type of services, programs, and events, if any, should be provided.

Public Meetings were held on February 12th & 26th of 2015 at the Walsworth Community Center titled:  “Community Planning for a United Vision”.  Approximately 35-45 members of the public attended each session that was hosted by the Green Hills Regional Planning Council.  Attendees represented a broad range of the community to include high school students, business owners, industry professionals, farmers, and property owners. 

With a population of 2,233, Marceline has unique issues and concerns not shared by larger metropolitan areas with a higher population and diverse demographics, such as crime, transportation, infrastructure, etc.  Therefore, the Strategic Planning process for Marceline is more simplistic, addressing the top three concerns that were identified during the public meetings, through goals and objectives, that can be accomplished within the next five years.

GOAL 1: 

Enhancement and revitalization of the Downtown Business District with new, vibrant business activity


GOAL 2: 

Increase employment opportunities and marketable job skills in the City and the Region


GOAL 3: 

Promote the City, its events and amenities, and support local businesses through increased marketing and promotions


The City, its residents and visitors will in benefit in the successful implementation of this Strategic Plan through job creation, business openings / expansions, increased tourism, population increase - all of which increases City revenue and ultimately results in a higher quality of life.