Wastewater Department


Mikeal Thompson











Location Contact

31770 Kemper Dr.

Marceline, MO 64658

Admin:  (660) 376-2552

After Hours:  (660) 676-6700

Email: mikeal.thompson@marcelinemo.us


The City of Marceline’s Wastewater Department is made up of 4 inter-related programs:


Collections:  Collection is the program devoted to collecting and pumping the wastewater to the Treatment plant. It consists of 9 pumping stations, which are at various locations around the city.


Treatment:  The Treatment program is next. It is made up of the tanks, pumps, blowers and other equipment at the plant sites. There are three (3) employees assigned to the Sewer Fund which include the Superintendent, Treatment Plant Operator and the Sewer Maintenance Worker.


Disposal:  Following the Treatment program are the Solids Disposal and Liquid Disposal programs.  The solids are hauled to the landfill and the liquid is land applied or treated with chlorine then sent to ponds to be used to irrigate the Marceline Golf Course. 


Labwork:  The last program is the Laboratory. The lab does most of the testing and reporting required by DNR and other regulatory agencies who have jurisdiction over the Wastewater Department. 


For all the above service related inquires you can contact the sewer department at 660-376-2552 Monday through Friday  7:00AM to 3:30PM.


For billing, service activation Utility Services, located at Marceline City Hall at (660) 376-3528.


If you have an after hour utility related emergency you can contact the Marceline Police Department