During winter weather events when snow accumulates on the streets, the City will make every effort to ensure snow is removed in a safe and timely manner.


Street Snow Removal


When snow accumulation is apparent, the Marceline Street Department begins plowing the primary arterial roads, followed by the secondary and side streets.  MoDOT is responsible for snow removal on JJ, WW, and 5.  Plowing along streets may result in snow deposits on the roadside and driveway entrances, so unless it is necessary, residents are encouraged to wait until the snowplow comes through their road before shoveling the end of the driveway.  The City does not have the resources to clear snow from individual driveway entrances.  Residents are encouraged to be mindful when parking on Main Street USA and residential streets when heavy snowfall is expected.  When heavier snowfall requires the removal of vehicles on public roads and streets, residential notifications will be published in advance as required.


Sidewalk Snow Removal


Property owners (business / residential) and tenants are responsible for timely snow removal on sidewalks in front of their businesses and residences to ensure pedestrian safety and minimize liability.