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July 8, 2015

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Park Pond Renovation Project Begins!


Marceline, MO – Now that the Independence Day Celebration is over, City personnel will begin draining water from the park pond in Ripley Park, as the first step in the Park Pond Renovation Project.  This project, led by the Downtown Marceline organization in partnership with the City, is being funded by a donation from Marceline resident Don Reynolds in memory of his late wife, Anneliese.   The goal of this project is to provide a long-lasting, beautiful pond that will be enjoyed by residents and visitors for generations.  


“The community has been good to Anneliese and me,” said Don Reynolds.  “I wanted to give back in her honor and feel our parks were good projects.  She enjoyed the beauty of being outdoors and exercising when she was able.”


This project will be scheduled in three phases to be completed next year.


Phase 1 of the project will start almost immediately and will focus on the pond itself, to include replacement and relocation of the original 6” drain line followed by 3 feet of muck being removed from the pond and replaced and packed with clay.  The Bartlett Pear trees along the backside will be removed for eventual replacement and to allow access by equipment.  The pond will be reshaped from the current oval shape to more of a natural shape as shown in the concept photo (upper right).  A 2’ concrete wall, on top of a 3’ footing will be capped by a natural appearing stone.  After the pond has been refilled, a tethered floating fountain with lights will be added to project water 5’ high.  This portion of the project will be contracted out to local business owner, Adam Barnett of Barnett Construction and Concrete, LLC. and is scheduled to be completed by the Toonfest 2015 event in September.


Phase 2 of the project will focus on the pond’s surrounding landscape.  Ornamental trees and shrubs will be planted where the Bartlett Pear trees once stood highlighted by a colorful palette of perennials.


Phase 3 of the project will be the design and build of a beautiful, short footbridge spanning the narrow point of the pond.  This bridge will be ADA compliant and provide park patrons an additional subject for pictures and scenic views.


"Downtown Marceline's goal in this project was to make E.P. Ripley Park the most beautiful park in north Missouri,” said Darrell Gardner, Downtown Marceline Member and pond renovation design contributor.  “When completed the pond area will be great for photographers, painters and those just wanting a place to sit and relax. This will be a magnet for visitors to enjoy. With Don's gracious donation this will all be possible."


This project is one of many listed in the City’s Ripley Park Master Plan 2015-2019, a product of collaboration between the Marceline Recreation & Parks Board, Downtown Marceline, the Marceline Volunteer Fire Department and the City of Marceline.  The plan provides a flexible design concept for the future planning of the growth, development and renovation of Ripley Park for the next 5 years.


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Above:  Concept design rendering of the completed project.  Below: A retaining wall, similar to the photo from a park pond in Boston, MA and a lighted fountain (Google image) will enhance the appearance of Ripley Park.


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