News Release 18/18

July 17, 2018

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Country Club Lake Boat Ramp Rehabilitation Project


Marceline, MO - The current concrete boat ramp located at Circle Drive on the Country Club Lake has seen better days.  An increased interest in this feature has prompted the City to fund the rehabilitation of the old ramp for this budget year in the amount of $3,500.


Work on this project will begin this week with the draining of at least 5 feet of water from the lake.  Once the water level is down to a sufficient level, the Marceline Street Crew will begin removing the old ramp, followed by forming and pouring a new 14’ x 40’ ramp.  This project should be completed in October 2018, subject to weather conditions.


The lower water level in the lake will be significantly visible, but it is necessary to complete the project.  The lake will maintain sufficient depth and water area to maintain fish stock and wildlife.


Following completion, the water levels will slowly return to normal with the seasonal rain showers.


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