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June 27, 2018

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2018 Independence Day Parade Street Closures


Marceline, MO - The Spirit of our Independence will take to the streets beginning at 5 pm, Wednesday, July 4th for the annual Independence Day Parade with the theme “Missouri History:  Past and Present”.  The parade will begin at W. Santa Fe Ave., heading South on Main Street USA, turn right on W. Lake St. (HWY JJ), and loop around for a second pass heading North, using S. Chestnut Avenue and W. Walker St. 


The following streets will be closed beginning promptly at 3:00 pm, July 4th for Parade Staging to ensure the safety of the parade participants:

  • Chestnut Street, From W. California Ave. to W. Chicago Ave.

  • W. Santa Fe Ave., from N. Mulberry St. to Main Street USA

During the course of the parade, the following streets will be closed to thru-traffic beginning promptly at 4:45 pm, July 4th to ensure the safety of pedestrians and parade:

  • Main Street USA, from W. Santa Fe Ave. to W. Walker St.

  • W. Walker Street, from Main Street USA to S. Chestnut St.

  • Chestnut Street, from W. Walker St. to W. Lake St. (HWY JJ)

  • West Lake St. (HWY JJ), from W. Chestnut St. to Main Street USA

All side roads accessing the route will be closed by orange cones, volunteer fireman, police officers and/or emergency vehicles to aid in the safety of the Parade. Residents are urged to plan their route in and through the City, and to exercise extreme caution in these areas due to an increase of pedestrian traffic.


Parking will be allowed on Main Street USA for the parade, but must be parked prior to 4:45 pm and be extra cautious of an extreme increase in pedestrian traffic!  Extended cab and long bed trucks are highly discouraged from parking on Main Street USA because they obstruct portions of the parade route.


Additional temporary handicap parking will be available at the Walsworth employee parking lot located on E. Santa Fe (next to the Police Station).



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