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August 5, 2019

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Marceline Curbside Recycling Program Reminders


Marceline, MO - Since 2016, the Marceline Curbside Recycling Program, as provided by Advanced Disposal, has been a success, with 61.93 tons of recyclable material being processed to date.  However, it is noted that many residents are using their recycling bins as their secondary (overflow) solid waste containers.  This causes contamination of the recyclable materials collected from other residents, and cannot be sorted and processed resulting in those items being processed in the same manner as regular garbage.  We ask that residents be mindful of items being placed into the recycling bins to prevent contamination.

As part of the program, please note the following:

Acceptable Recycling Items:

                - Cardboard (yes, all those Prime boxes)

                - Paper (Office paper, brown paper bags, mail, etc.)

                - Aluminum Cans and Metal Containers (after being quickly rinsed)

                - Plastic Bottles, Jars, Jugs and Containers (after being quickly rinsed)

Unacceptable Items:

                - Any Plastic Bags

                - Tanglers (wires, holiday light strings, hoses, cords, etc.)

                - Food Waste or Liquids (organic material)

                - Batteries (all types, especially lithium)

                - Safe Sharps (any needles, syringes, blades, etc.)

In addition, residents who have bulk items such as appliances, mattresses and furniture that requires collection outside the bi-annual bulk collection dates may call Advanced Disposal at 1-800-778-7652 to collect said items for a fee.  Do not leave these items at the curb until those arrangements have been made.

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