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April 19, 2019

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IDA announces the 2019 Business Grant Program Awardees


Marceline, MO - The Industrial Development Authority (IDA) of the City of Marceline, Missouri announced today they had a great response to their 2019 Business Grant program. The program was kicked off on February 1, 2019 and the application period ended on April 13.


“The IDA received twelve applications for grant assistance from various businesses within Marceline,” said Darrell Gardner Executive Director.  “The grant applications ranged from items such as new equipment or fixtures to concrete work or new signs for the businesses. A couple of the Main Street businesses will have a new look because of the grant and the owner’s efforts and wanting to improve their businesses.”


The following Marceline businesses were awarded a business grant for 2019:

DTM Investments                                  DayBreak Salon & Skin Spa

Ma Vic’s Corner Café                            C & W Hardware

Quinn Lumber Company                        Magnolia Antiques

Prenger Foods                                      Marceline Auto Repair and Sales

Oldham Monument LLC                         Iron Horse Pizza

Michael Olinger                                     Tiger Pit Fitness

 Marceline businesses could apply for up to $1000.00 to help improve any business. The business also was required to match the grant amount. The grant needed to either increase sales or employment or improve the look or integrity of the building. The application process was open to all businesses with a City Occupational License and are current on their taxes. Any projects less than $2000.00 in total cost was matched at 50% of the cost. All projects must be completed by October 31, 2019.


“The IDA initially anticipated creating at least $20,000 worth of improvements for the $10,000.00 investment,” Gardner said.  “We are happy to say the total cost of all projects is expected to be in excess of $55,000.00 in total improvements.”  


Projects ranged from $763.51 to over $22,000.00 in total project cost. Although the initial budget for this grant program was $10,000, the actual amount the IDA approved for grants was $10,442.79.  All grant applications received were evaluated and considered worthy projects, meeting the IDA objectives for the program.


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Media contact information:

Darrell Gardner

Executive Director, Marceline IDA

Phone:  (660) 376-2000