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July 22, 2020

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City Council Adopts 3 Ordinances Concerning Public Health & Safety


Marceline, MO - During the regular City Council Meeting on Tuesday, July 21, the Marceline City Council adopted three ordinances that are important to the safety and well being of residents of the City.  Highlights of the ordinances are as follows:

Ordinance # 20-07.06:  Building Numbering: 

An increased amount of calls for emergency services has increasingly resulted in difficulty of first responders identifying residential and commercial addresses.  The public understands almost every call is time-critical and every second counts.  In many cases, first responders have had to go door-to-door to locate the callers address location. 

If house numbers were ideally assigned, one could count from a nearby address to locate a specific residence, but through the years, it has been found that the City’s numbering of residential dwellings and commercial businesses have been inconsistent – especially where homes have been demolished leaving gaps in various neighborhoods.

The lack of numbers on residential and commercial buildings is rarely intentional, but likely oversight following remodeling or repainting, new home construction, disrepair, or lost in the battle of the elements.  It is not the intent of the City to issue citations to those not in compliance unless there is a direct refusal, but rather, to work with residents through notification letters and public announcements.  This Ordinance is a public health and safety issue and could potentially save lives in life threatening situations.

The responsibility for the displaying of the assigned number for each existing house and building shall rest with the property owner and must be displayed as follows:

  • Address numbers shall be a minimum of three (3) inches in height and shall be permanently affixed and located either near a building's main entrance, above the garage door, or on a surface that is easily visible from the street of address, and must face the street that is named in the building’s address.

  • Assigned numbers shall be displayed with Arabic numerals in a color that contrasts with the color of the subject building.   

  • Houses or buildings that are setback more than one hundred (100) feet from a street's curb shall be required to display address numbers within fifty (50) feet of the street curb, on a surface that is easily visible from the street of address. 

  • Affixed numbers must not be obscured by any trees, shrubs or permanent objects.

Ordinance #20-07.05:  No Passing Zone on Main Street USA:

It may come as a surprise to many that there is not a “No Passing Zone” already established on Main Street and it has never been an issue brought before the Council.  However, in light of many recent close calls, Ordinance #20-07.05 was passed establishing a no passing zone on Main Street USA beginning at Santa Fe Avenue and ending south on Lake Street.  This Ordinance prohibits passing of a moving vehicle along that identified stretch of road but does not prohibit safely passing a vehicle stopped to load/unload (such as garbage trucks and USPS vehicles) when it is safe to do so. 

Current passing restrictions in the City prohibit passing within 100 feet of an intersection, but because City blocks are approximately 300 feet, it did not address the danger to those backing out from a diagonal parking spot into the opposing lane or to pedestrians on Main Street.

As a reminder, Section 325.050 of the Municipal Code of Ordinances prohibits U-turns on any City Street other than at intersections.  This includes turning a vehicle on Main Street USA to park in a diagonal parking place on the opposite side of the street.

Ordinance #20-07.04:  Control of Animals

Although there is no prohibition for such, the City has seen an increased number of complaints of residents not keeping animals considered livestock or fowl properly contained, which can lead to them roaming through neighborhoods.  Ordinance # 20-07.04 adds a paragraph to Section 220.030 of the Municipal Code of Ordinances requiring a permitted fencing / containment structure for those owning and controlling or possession of livestock / fowl.  Although the City has a law addressing “Animals at Large”, this new paragraph would address the issue BEFORE it becomes a problem.  An excerpt from the new Ordinance is as follows:

No person owning, controlling or in possession of any cow, mule, horse, sheep, swine, goat, rabbit or other livestock, geese, ducks, chickens, turkeys or other domestic fowl shall do so without a permitted fence, enclosure, pen, coop, or structure to contain said animals approved by design for the containment of animals based on type and size.  The permitted fence, coral, enclosure, pen, coop, or structure or similar devices to confine or restrict said animals must be of a solid build to ensure adequate containment.

This does not include dogs and cats.  However, the control of dogs is covered under Section 220.020 of the Marceline Code of Ordinances in that “it shall be unlawful for any person to permit a dog to run at large in the City of Marceline unless such dog is on a leash or in the control of some responsible person.”

The Marceline Municipal Code of Ordinances are available for viewing online at:

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