News Release 08/21

June 14, 2021

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New trash service with RTS Waste Services to begin July 1st


Marceline, MO The City of Marceline signed a 5-year contract with RTS Waste Services, LLC. for trash collection service to begin July 1, 2021.  With any new collection service, there will be a transition period and new changes to the service which are outlined below, and residents are asked to be patient during this period.

Rates:  The new rate will be $12.00 for all customers and will remain at this rate for the 5-year contract period.   This is the lowest rate of the proposed bids received.

Collection Days:  The collection days will remain on Tuesday of each week using the existing 95-gallon cart.  RTS has purchased the carts currently used by Waste Management and will remain the sole property of RTS.  The carts will be relabeled in August.  Carts must be placed curbside the night before collection day, or prior to 6:00 am on the scheduled day of collection with only bagged waste in the cart.  Upon collection, carts must be removed from the curb by the end of the collection day and placed in an inconspicuous location.  Items not accepted include hazardous materials, liquid waste, tires, animal carcasses, yard waste, bulk items, appliances, and material from construction, remodeling, or demolition.

Recycling:  There will no longer be curbside recycling offered to the public.  However, a centralized recycling dumpster will be available at no cost to the public at the site of the old St. Francis Hospital located on Hayden Street for those who wish to continue recycling products.  The only recycled products allowed for disposal at this location is paper, plastic and aluminum cans and they all must be thoroughly rinsed prior to disposal.  This location will be under video surveillance.  Any items left outside of the recycling dumpster, or any items deposited not considered recyclable will be considered illegal dumping and be prosecuted under Marceline City Code.

Bulk Collection:  One (1) bulk item per household will be collected on the first collection day of each month and must be placed curbside by 6:00 am on the day of collection, but no sooner than three days prior to collection day.  Any additional collection outside the monthly bulk collection period may be arranged by calling RTS directly at (660) 784-2474.

  • Items accepted:  Mattresses and box springs, indoor / outdoor furniture, swing sets, plastic swimming pools, large toys, bicycles, fish aquariums, sofas, chairs, tables, carpets, and other similar items.  White goods (appliances) are considered bulk and will be picked up.  Appliances using Freon must have a sticker attached stating Freon was removed by certified person before being picked up.

  • Items not accepted:  automotive batteries, tires, concrete, automotive parts, paint, liquids, hazardous materials or other items that are banned from landfills by law.

Additional carts:  For those customers who require more than one cart, please call RTS directly at (660) 784-2474.  A fee of $4.00 per month per cart will be billed to the customer on an annual basis.

Transition:  June 29th is the final day of regular waste and recycle collection provided by Waste Management.  Customers are asked to leave their recycle carts curbside following this collection until they can be collected by RTS employees either that same day or the following day (Wednesday).  Residents must put their recycle carts out at the curb regardless of use as RTS will be collecting ALL 65-gallon carts.  As a reminder, these carts are the property of RTS.

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