News Release 08/14

November 5, 2014

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Housing demolition targets 2 dilapidated homes


Marceline, MO – The demolition of two dilapidated residential homes begins today in an effort to clean up Marceline neighborhoods.  The 2-story structure located at 214 W. Howell structure will be demolished first and graded back to its original state.  The structure at 207 E. Walker is scheduled for demolition immediately after.  The contractor for these demolitions is Dwayne Tarpening.


The properties were procured by the City for $1.00 each through the County’s Tax Sale with the intent of demolition.  Following an inspection by Linville Inspections, LLC., required by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR), it was found that the structure at 207 E. Walker was clear of asbestos and lead paint.  However, the structure on  W. Howell was found to contain approximately 155 square feet of Thermal System Insulation (TSI) and 900 square feet of Transite under the Masonite siding.  This hazardous material was removed by The Gehm Corporation for $3,935 as required by law.  Demolition notifications were sent to DNR following the abatement.


The demolition cost is $4,000 for the structure at 207 E. Walker and $15,000 for the structure at 214 W. Howell, excluding the inspections and asbestos abatement.


When both structures have been removed, the properties will be evaluated to determine future use by the City.  If none exists, the properties may be declared as surplus and offered for sale to the general public.


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Structure located at 214 W. Howell

Structure located at 207 E. Walker

Interior of 214 W. Howell following asbestos material removal


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