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April 22, 2021

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IDA announces the 2021 Business Grant Program Awardees


Marceline, MO - The Industrial Development Authority (IDA) of the City of Marceline, Missouri announced today they had a great response to their 2021 Business Grant program. The program was announced on February 1, 2021 and the application period ended on April 2. This was the third year for the program and more applications were submitted than in either of the first two years.

Marceline businesses could apply for up to $1000.00 to help improve any business. The individual businesses were also required to match the grant amount. The grant needed to either increase sales or employment or improve the look or integrity of their building. The application process was open to all businesses with a City Occupational License and were current on their taxes. Any projects less than $2000.00 in total cost will be matched at 50% of the cost. All projects must be completed by November 30, 2021.

“The IDA received fourteen applications for grant assistance from various businesses within Marceline,” said Darrell Gardner Executive Director.  “The grant projects ranged from items such as new commercial gutters, to equipment like hoists and laptops, to replacing floors and even removing a nuisance tree. All were worthy applications.”

In 2020, the IDA had two $1000.00 approved grants completed due to COVID-19.  With the increased amount of applications this program cycle, the IDA added those dollars to the 2021 program for a total of $12,000.00.  However, because there were more applicants than available funds, a scoring system was completed to rank the grants including the order of submission. Final score and date received determined the results.


The following Marceline businesses were awarded a business grant for 2021:


  • Ok Tavern

  • Paula Wright Insurance

  • SportZone LLC

  • Oldham Monument

  • Hurtt Fabricating

  • Monarch Title

  • Spencer’s Auto

  • Daybreak Salon

  • Lowell Schreiner

  • Kelly Lawn Care

  • Tiger Pit Fitness

  • C&W Hardware

  • DTM Investments


“This year we will pass the $100,000.00 dollar mark of total projects, total costs,” Gardner added.  “Our small businesses in Marceline intend to stay in business and that is good for all.”



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Media contact information:

Darrell Gardner

Executive Director, Marceline IDA

Phone:  (660) 376-2000