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February 13, 2018

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Marceline Community Master Plan Presentation

Community Master Plan set to be unveiled February 21, 2018


Marceline, MO - Downtown Marceline and the City of Marceline, in conjunction with the Missouri Main Street Connection (MMSC), will present the Marceline Community Master Plan to the public from 5:30 – 8:30 pm on February 21, 2018 at the Marceline Masonic Lodge.  The public is encouraged to attend this historic event. Food will be served beginning at 5:00 pm.


The Marceline Community Master Plan initiative began in March 2016 when MMSC approached Downtown Marceline.  MMSC proposed to enter into a master plan process to help the city of Marceline establish a community vision and develop our local identity, including who we are as a community, where we want to go, and how we plan to get there.


Downtown Marceline supported the ideas proposed by MMSC and spent several months raising funds for the initiative.  In October 2016, after securing stakeholder funding agreements with The National Main Street Center, Missouri Main Street Connection, Linn County, Marceline Area Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Marceline, the idea was brought before Marceline City Council, who agreed to become the major stakeholder by funding 50% of the initiative.


Having secured the funding for the community master plan, experts in various fields of community development visited Marceline from February 27-March 2. A town hall meeting was held on March 1 and attended by 100 citizens who listened to a presentation that explained the scope of the plan before participating in a community visioning session.  In June of 2017, Downtown Marceline received a three month action plan that called for each of the four Downtown Marceline committees to execute specific community projects.  Following the three-month project, a preliminary report was prepared by the visitation team and presented to Downtown Marceline.


Subsequently, three more visits were made to the community by visitation teams from across the country, specialists who focus on economic development, lodging and accommodation, city landscaping, building architecture, as well as branding and marketing.  In the visits, team members met with City of Marceline officials as well as business and property owners. In December, representatives of Missouri Main Street Connection provided a final report to the Marceline City Council and Downtown Marceline board of directors on the project status and announced a final presentation to be made to the public in February 2018.


Marceline’s unique qualities were recognized by Missouri Main Street Connection and the National Main Street Center, who felt that a vision and plan could be created for the revitalization of the town. Through the process, the state and national Main Street organizations became stakeholders in the venture, something that has never before happened.


“Few rural communities have the diversity in manufacturing, agriculture and tourism that Marceline has and we can take advantage of those attributes to bring more economic vitality to our community,“ said  Michael Olinger, Executive Director, Downtown Marceline.  “These same attributes are what the National and State organizations felt made our community special, and it peaked their interest in working with us.”


Olinger further stated, “as a result of the partnership among the various groups Marceline was able to amass a wealth of talent in the teams that have been working with us.  Many of them have worked on over 500 communities and some even doing projects overseas.” 


Visitation teams thus far are:

  • Norma Ramirez de Miess, National Main Street Center – Organization & Leadership

  • Jim Thompson, Iowa Main Street – Economic Vitality

  • Randy Wilson, Community Design Solutions – Building Architecture &Design

  • Bridgette Kelch, Downtown Washington Inc. – Promotions and Historic Preservation

  • Andy Kalback, Landscape Architect

  • Ben Muldrow, Branding and Marketing

  • Bob Lewis, Accommodations, Lodging and Economic Development

  • Gayla Roten, Missouri Main Street Connection – Resource & Plan Development – Team Leader

  • Keith Winge, Missouri Main Street Connection – Marketing & Implementation – Team Leader

Profiles of the above individuals are available by contacting Michael Olinger.


The final products contained within the Community Plan will be the concept renderings, identified funding sources, new brand logos for the respective organizations and a master brand marketing logo with brand guidelines. Upon receipt of the new plan, the City of Marceline will formally adopt it via an ordinance on February 26, 2018 at 5:30 pm during its regular meeting.


Following the adoption of the Community Master Plan the next six-month phase will be centered on identifying sources of funding such as grants and other means that will help finance near term and long term development and revitalization.


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City contact information:

Richard Hoon

City Manager

Phone:  (660) 376-3528


Downtown Marceline contact information:

Michael Olinger

Executive Director

Phone:  (972) 523-9908