Country Club Lake Recreational Trail Project


Beginning in the spring of 2015, The City of Marceline will begin construction / renovation of the Country Club Lake Recreational Walking/Jogging Trail Renovation & Extension Project.  The $131,400.00 project is funded by with $90,600 in Recreational Trails Program grant funds from the Missouri State Parks and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) with matching in-kind services being provided by the City for the remainder of the funds.  The finished project will see 1.1 miles of walking/jogging trail around Country Club Lake with a 5’ ADA compliant width and 3” of asphalt overlay, exercise stations, foot bridges, parking areas, and a renovated ADA compliant restroom.  This trail will be completed by October 2016.


Park Pond Renovation Project


Phase 1 of the project will start almost immediately and will focus on the pond itself, to include replacement and relocation of the original 6” drain line followed by 3 feet of muck being removed from the pond and replaced and packed with clay.  The Bartlett Pear trees along the backside will be removed for eventual replacement and to allow access by equipment.  The pond will be reshaped from the current oval shape to more of a natural shape as shown in the concept photo (upper right).  A 2’ concrete wall, on top of a 3’ footing will be capped by a natural appearing stone.  After the pond has been refilled, a tethered floating fountain with lights will be added to project water 5’ high.  This portion of the project will be contracted out to local business owner, Adam Barnett of Barnett Construction and Concrete, LLC. and is scheduled to be completed by the Toonfest 2015 event in September.


Phase 2 of the project will focus on the pond’s surrounding landscape.  Ornamental trees and shrubs will be planted where the Bartlett Pear trees once stood highlighted by a colorful palette of perennials.


Phase 3 of the project will be the design and build of a beautiful, short footbridge spanning the narrow point of the pond.  This bridge will be ADA compliant and provide park patrons an additional subject for pictures and scenic views.


Community Planning for a United Vision


The Marceline Strategic Plan defines where our Community is going, how we are going to get there and measures success over time.  It ensures the most effective use of the City’s limited resources by focusing those resources on key priorities.


Ripley Park Master Plan 2015-2019


The purpose of the Ripley Park Master Plan 2015-2019 is to provide flexible design concept for the future planning of the growth, development and renovation of Ripley Park for the next 5 years. 

The plan contains the proposed timeline, which is flexible and can be modified or changed at any time based upon available resources, funding, and the desires of all parties concerned.  This plan can be used for all parties to plan budgets, fundraising efforts and schedules.

North Industrial Park experiencing increased activity


The North Industrial Park, formerly the Marceline Municipal Airport, is located inside the northern municipal boundaries of the City.  We are currently experiencing increased activity in the park, but lots are still available!  Click on the image to the right for a full sized view.

The property in the North Industrial Park is a perfect location for your commercial, warehouse, heavy manufacturing and industrial expansion or growth, and may include office buildings and office space.  The price per acre is $5,000 but is negotiable depending on the number of Full Time Employees your business will provide.  Lots shown can be resized based on the needs of the purchaser.  Utilities can also be moved based on needs.  Final negotiated sale and property use is approved at the City Council level.